Photo Augentius Fund Administration (Guernsey) Limited

Augentius Fund Administration (Guernsey) Limited

Augentius Fund Administration (Guernsey) Limited

No financial enterprises are exempt from the major impact of FATCA (the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act). When it comes to assessing fund frameworks and implementation, Augentius ( is an important help in making sure that your financial institution meets necessary requirements. Customers can count on Augentius to guarantee that they are FATCA-compliant and that all important documentation is readily accessible in case any nationality-related matters arise.

Advantages of Being Connected with Augentius

Augentius performs their tasks, paying strict attention to certain boundaries and requirements. Augentius puts the customer first, ensuring that they get the guidance they desire, punctually and to their requirements. As an enterprise grows it becomes increasingly difficult to handle and keep tabs on assets, which is why they request the advice of service providers who specialise in these areas of the financial market.

Career Development at Augentius

The encouragement that Augentius offers its personnel has made the organisation what it is today. For a business to evolve quickly, it must not only place emphasis on its personal development, but also the further development of their employees' careers. Augentius encourages all staff members to attend educational seminars, with a mind to their moving forwards in their careers. Looking after employees as well as corporate interests makes for harmonious, long-term improvement.

Augentius as the Best AIFMD Depositary

Depositary service costs must correspond to the work and challenges entailed by each fund. Monitoring funds is not as easy as it seems. The incentives of hiring a trustworthy fund administration company to do this are numerous. Augentius are able to present depositary solutions to make sure that your company is in accordance with AFIMD, also known as the Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive.

AIFMD and its Relation to Augentius

Augentius utilises the very best technology on the market to guarantee precise and thorough data processing. Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive is the service needed when it comes to complex expert help. Augentius has collaborated with KNEIP as part of the Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive.

Augentius can take pride in its Disaster Recovery (DR) capabilities, which have been proven and verified. Augentius is regarded as one of the best specialists in its sphere due to its outstanding reputation in supplying high-quality financial services. Irrespective of any challenges, it is most imperative that services are provided promptly.