Photo Charles Rosier - London Uk, Partner at btg pactual at Btg pactual

Charles Rosier - London Uk, Partner at btg pactual at Btg pactual

Charles Rosier - London Uk, Partner at btg pactual at Btg pactual

Educational Attainment of Charles Rosier

It was at Paris’s Fenelon Sainte-Marie where Charles Rosier ( - Charles Rosier) satisfactorily completed his secondary education. He was able to establish his career after getting a degree at ESCP Europe. Charles Rosier began his career at Lehman Brothers in 1996 prior to joining the UBS Warburg Investment Bank.

Five principles (Client Focus, Long Term View, Global Thinking Presence, Meritocracy and Partnership and World-Class Governance) were established by Charles Rosier during his stay at BTG Pactual. He was a hard-working partner of an investment bank in Latin America called BTG Pactual. Charles Rosier became the Managing Director of Goldman Sachs, from 2009 to 2010.

Healthcare Projects of Charles Rosier

Whilst in great need for additional funds in developing a new drug, Baulieu and his colleagues obtained financial support from his investment. The investment by Charles Rosier allowed them to do studies and, because of that, Charles Rosier was given a specific profit-share. Because of the capital he invested, the study on depression, strokes and other serious diseases was conducted at Mapreg, a Paris-based laboratory.

A film made by a popular Italian screenwriter and director that was supported by Charles Rosier won a Silver Lion award at the Venice film festival in 2006. He was able to support a French artist with her debut album in 2012 and did good things for a Silver Lion-winning film in 2006. The support he gave to the female French musician is indicative of how greatly he admires culture and music. Music and singing are what Charles Rosier likes. He is also enthusiastic about movies. That is why he strongly supports French culture.