Helping mums feel confident and positive so that they can help their children thrive.

Being a mum can be amazing, but it can also be challenging and exhausting! 

Often it can feel like as soon as you've overcome one challenge, there's another one, whether that's related to food, sleep, school or something else!


Children's behaviour can be hard to understand at times, and you may wonder whether you're doing something wrong or you should be using different strategies.

I'm Lucy Chaplin and I'm a qualified parenting coach.  I work with mums to help them be the parent they want to be.   I was a teacher for many years and a mum of three, so as well as a lot of knowledge in this area, I have a lot of experience!

I offer parenting courses and group coaching to mums who would like to develop their parenting skills and know more about the many ways they can support their children at home and at school.

I offer individual coaching to parents who would like help with a particular challenge they are facing, or to boost their confidence in their parenting skills.  

If you'd like to find out new ways you can help your child thrive, or become more confident and positive as a parent, you can work with me, either 1-1 or in a group.  

Please send me some Quick Ways to Reduce the Stress 

How can I help you?

Kid Piling Blocks

Parenting Courses and Coaching

Explore ways to deepen and continually improve your relationship with your child.  

Shrink your Home Admin Stress

Do you feel stressed by all the jobs you have to do around the house, as well as all the admin that goes with having a family?  Discover why this adds to your stress levels and how you could reduce the stress.

Mother and Child

How can I help you?

Kid Piling Blocks

Parenting Courses

Explore ways to deepen and continually improve your relationship with your child.  

Parent Power Hour!

Are you finding one particular aspect of parenting difficult?  Would you like to feel calmer and more confident in that situation?

Mother and Child
Image by Kenny Krosky

Parental Coaching

Would you like to feel more confident and positive when facing the many parenting challenges?


"Lucy is an exceptional coach, her calm and thoughtful approach put me at ease.  She has fantastic intuition and an ability to listen to a deep level that gave me the space to really explore my thoughts.  I highly recommend coaching with Lucy."  CW

"Lucy's authentic style and lovely way of being meant I instantly felt at ease with her.  She taps into different tools and techniques to help the people she works with realise their potential and explore the key areas for them.  Her ability to combine strong listening with clever and concise questioning was really valuable for me."  HB

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