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Helping mums combine work and home so that they can have a job they love and enjoy time with their children.

Have you ever felt that you can only have a job if you are willing to compromise your career plans because you have to fit your working week around the children?  And that you can't do anything properly at work or at home because you're always rushing from one thing to the next?


Or you love your job, but feel constantly guilty that you're not there enough for your children?


Maybe you are full time at home and really want to get back into work, but can’t imagine there’ll be a job you want that will fit with your life, as you need to be around for your children as well?  


Imagine looking forward to Monday morning, knowing you’ll be working in a job you love, where you are well respected and have exciting projects to work on. 

And knowing that you will have time to have fun with the most important (little) people in your life, being totally present for them, without worrying about work.  You can feel in control of everything at work and home, knowing that you have the right combination for you and your family.

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How can I help you?

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3 ways to reduce your child admin

Would you like three free tips to help you reduce all the admin you have to do for your children?

Shrink your Home Admin Stress

Do you feel stressed by all the jobs you have to do around the house, as well as all the admin that goes with having a family?  Discover why this adds to your stress levels and how you could reduce the stress.

Mother and Child
Image by Kenny Krosky

Do you want to have a job you love and enjoy time with your children?

Is your working week full of stress as you rush from work to home, always feeling you don't have time to do anything properly?


"Lucy is an exceptional coach, her calm and thoughtful approach put me at ease.  She has fantastic intuition and an ability to listen to a deep level that gave me the space to really explore my thoughts.  I highly recommend coaching with Lucy."  CW

"Lucy's authentic style and lovely way of being meant I instantly felt at ease with her.  She taps into different tools and techniques to help the people she works with realise their potential and explore the key areas for them.  Her ability to combine strong listening with clever and concise questioning was really valuable for me."  HB

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