Lucy Chaplin

I’m a certified coach, and I help parents thrive at work and at home so that they can have a job they love and enjoy spending time with their children.  


Before I started coaching, I was a teacher for over 20 years, as well as working in recruitment for a couple of years.  During most of that time, I have been juggling the demands of family life, as we have 3 boys (the first two are twins, which was quite a learning curve!).  


Since the twins were born I have explored a number of working options.  I have been a full time mum, but started to miss the challenge of work after a while, and started to feel that the only thing I did was pick up fishfingers off the floor and shout NO! 


I have also been part time and full time, and found that when I had too much on, I felt as though I was running from one thing to the next, constantly juggling all the things I needed to do.  Instead of really enjoying reading the boys a bed time story, and chatting to them about their day, I found a list of jobs was constantly running round and round in my head, and I was calculating how long I needed to clear up/ cook/ work for, before I could relax.  

Running my own coaching business, I am in charge of my time, and I love helping parents finding the right work/ life solution for them.  I have also found that all the coaching skills I have learnt for my work are incredibly useful with the family, which is why I also offer coaching skills for parents courses and coaching.

I am a certified coach as I completed the Barefoot Business and Personal Coaching course, and I am also a qualified teacher as I was awarded my PGCE from Cambridge University at the start of my teaching career.  I am a member of the ICF, follow their guidelines and am committed to CPD. 

I strongly believe that we are all capable of SO MUCH MORE than we believe, and often, the only thing stopping us is ourselves.  Over the years, I have seen children achieve far more than they believed possible, and it’s now fantastic to have the chance to see adults do that too.  

I am calm and supportive, giving clients time and space to think and explore options, so that they can decide what is right for them. 

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