Want to reduce your home admin stress?

shrink your home admin stress

Are you feeling stressed out by all the admin you have to do at home for the family?


Maybe you come home at night, put the children to bed and are faced by a pile of laundry to be sorted, an online food order to do and bills to pay?  Or you wake in the morning and realise you haven't got a present for a toddler’s first birthday party in FOUR HOURS time!!


Then it’s time to do the Home Admin Stress Test, and understand why it’s grinding you down, and find out your first step to shrinking the stress, all in under an hour.


How it works: Do a brief online questionnaire, and then hop onto a 45 minute call with me.  At the end you will:

  1. Understand why you feel so stressed by the admin

  2. Know the first step towards shrinking the stress

  3. Have 10 tips to help you reduce the house admin you do



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