the working mums' life plan

Are you fed up with rushing from one thing to the other, never having time to really enjoy your children, or feeling as though you're always having to make compromises in your career? 


Would you like to look forward to work on a Monday morning, and know that you can have fun with your children when you're with them?  

Working with me, you can create a plan for your life that works for you.  

There's a three step plan that we work through together.  Take time to focus on YOU!



How does it work?

1. Where are you now?

Time to understand what’s happening for you at the moment!  We’ll look at all your responsibilities at home and at work, so we can find out why you feel pulled in different directions, and what is causing anxiety and stress in your life (like rushing into nursery late for pick up every day!).  You’ll be able to see clearly what is working for you, and know what you want to change.


2. Find your super strengths! 

This is where you find out how great you really are!  We start by looking at your greatest strengths and what drives you forward, as well as finding out about anything that holds you back.  We will boost your confidence, and find out how to look at everything with a fresh perspective (no more feeling apologetic if you have to leave work at a different time to others).  Using a range of coaching techniques and an online tool that creates a 14 page report on you, we’ll work together on eliminating any barriers to success so that nothing stands in the way of you creating the life you want!

3. Time to make a plan!

Don’t panic - we work through this together and we have lots of insights from the earlier part of the programme that will help us, as well as specific coaching tools and techniques.  We’ll explore your values and motivation to help create a picture of a working week that will fill you full of enthusiasm on a Monday morning.  Once you can visualise your goal, we’ll create a clear plan together so you can put your ideas into action (you’ll know what you want and how to get there!).  Now is the time to move forward with confidence and live the life you want! 

How long does it take?

This three stage plan is delivered in 8 private 1-1 online coaching sessions over the course of 5 months.  Each session lasts for 60 minutes so it's easy to fit them in.  You also do a short online assessment that creates your own personal 14 page report, which gives you  a huge amount of information about you, as well as lots of tips that will help you succeed in what you want to do. 

What's included?

- 8 x 60 minute online private coaching sessions

- creation of a clear action plan 

- a 14 page report on you, your strengths and drivers with many helpful tips tailored for you

What are the benefits?

- a plan to help you live the life you want, with a job you love and time with your family when you want it

- greater confidence in all that you do

- more understanding of your mindset and your approach to achieving what you want

- greater flexibility in your thinking so that you can find new ways to tackle problems

"Lucy is a fabulous coach - she is very professional, knowledgeable and highly skilled in using a wide range of coaching techniques which have produced great results for her clients.  Lucy listens intently and brings warmth and compassion to her coaching.  I would highly recommend Lucy." BK

Do you want to find out how I can help you balance work and children so that you can have a job you love and be a great parent?

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